Have you ever been in a long distance friendship? For me, I feel like my friends are all over the United States. From my hometown being in Wisconsin, then everyone going off to college, moving to Nashville on my own, then meeting all new people at school, I have definitely had my fair share of friends from all over the place. While Belmont is an amazing school, a lot of my friends have transferred due to it not being the right fit for them. My roommate last year (freshman year), Chloe, knew that she could achieve her dreams at a different school so May of 2017 was when we packed our things and left our cute dorm room for the summer.

This past Christmas break I decided to spontaneously make a trip to Tampa, Florida to visit Chloe! We hadn't seen each other for six months and the feeling of getting to see one of your best friends after not seeing them for so long is the best feeling in the world. We had such an amazing weekend so I thought I'd show you guys what I wore, the food I ate, and the what I did there.


sunglasses: amazon | hat: thrifted | t-shirt: topshop | pants: forever 21 | boots: asos 
bodysuit: forever 21 | skort: forever 21 | boots: asos
bare: urban outfitters | sunglasses: thrifted | scarf: urban outfitters | sweater: zaful |  pants: forever 21


Fresh Kitchen
ordered a bowl with a base of sweet potato noodles and quinoa, topped that with steamed broccoli and crispy chicken with holy kale sauce on top (if you happen to end up at a fk get this sauce does not taste like kale and is incredible)

Buddy Brew Coffee Co.
ordered the avocado toast on wheat and a vanilla latte with almond milk

Oxford Exchange
ordered avocado toast (once again I have a problem), french fries- Chloe and I are 5 you'll find out later in this post, and a chai latte


The Ritz Ybor
We saw Slander perform at this venue and he was amazing!! I think Chloe and I peeked this night.

International Plaza and Bay Street
While Chloe worked this day, I roamed around the huge mall in Tampa, proceeded to lose Chloe's car keys, but found them at the Nordstrom e-bar. I also treated myself to some white Adidas Ultra Boosts with my Christmas money!

St. Pete
This just might be the cutest city I've ever been too. There are so many colorful buildings, aesthetic coffee shops, and great photo spots! Some of my outfit pictures were taken here. 

18+ night club in Tampa. DJ played amazing music and was definitely a good place to dance on the weekend!

Another really great area in Tampa with tons to do. We went out here on New Years Eve, had a blast, and ate food here a couple of times too.

Thrift Shopping
Tampa has some incredible thrift stores, I believe the one we went to is just called Thrift Store. I got two belts, a top, and some Adidas sweatpants all for $12 while Chloe got 6 pieces for $17. 

We did not make it to the beach but I just wanted to mention that this is a great thing to do when in Tampa! Clearwater is super close so I would make the drive to enjoy the fresh water, 

Have you been to Florida? Let me know in the comments below where and what you did! I had such a blast spending time with my bestie nye weekend. 

Thanks for reading!
I finally started a blog! So I've been going back and forth for such a long time with what I want to do with my life. I go through "phases" of being into things, such as ballet when I was 6, ping-pong when I was 10 and now blogging as I am soon turning 20. Although, this time is different.

As many of you may or may not know, I started a YouTube channel when I was 16 years old and have now been making videos for about four years. While I plan to continue making videos, posting on Instagram and other social sites, my passion for writing was not being fulfilled. My website still is not where I want it to be but I am going to continue to improve the layout and features!

I am extremely excited to begin this new writing adventure in the year of 2018. I mean, starting a blog is quite the resolution, am I right? With the new year, brings new ideas, thoughts, memories and so much more. Writing for me is so meaningful because I feel like I can share more of my personal life and thoughts when I write them down rather than expressing them through a camera or in person. I also thought a website would be the perfect way to get all of my social accounts in one place. Blog posts will be linked to YouTube videos, you can shop any of my Instagram outfits, explore Pinterest, and keep up with my tweets.

The idea of being able to share my passions of videography, photography, fashion, writing, beauty, travel, and more with all of you makes me want to jump out of my bed (literally, I've been lying in my bed all day immobile, something has to get me moving at this point lol). Anyways, I would like to thank all of YOU for supporting me in this next chapter of my life and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. <3


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