Hello loves! Christmas in July is finally here! (but actually this sale being in July is the best). I shopped the Nordstrom sale yesterday and boy was is hectic but so fun. I got to the Mall at Green Hills in Nashville at 10am to begin the extravaganza of finding deals and getting the goods before they sell out. Below I will be sharing what I purchased from the Nordstrom sale as well as my top picks. 

What I purchased:

BP Tonya Open Toe Mule
originally: $79.95
now: $49.90

Topshop Long Open Front Cardi 
originally: $75
now: $49.90

PUMA IGNITE training shoes


 Nike Free TR8 Training Shoe 
originally: $100 
now: $74.90

Steve Madden Trace Studded Mule
originally: $79.95
now: $49.90

Leith Long Languid Dress 
originally: $85
now: $56.90

Still Good to Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Set
originally: $72
now: $35

SP Black Stretch Denim Miniskirt 
originally: $55
now: $35.90

BP Ruffled Floral Print Jumpsuit
originally: $65
now: $42.90

Voluspa Maison Blanc Two-Wick Candle Set
originally: $48
now: $29.50

Mini Double Pack Leather Crossbody Bag 
originally: $295
now: $196.90


My other top picks/deals:

Chevron Spinner Luggage Set
originally: $299
now: $223.90

Free People Found My Friend Sweater
originally: $78
now: $51.90

FRAME Le High Straight Asymmetrical Hem Jeans 
originally: $250
now: $166.90

simple human Eight Inch Sensor Mirror
originally: $200 
now: $134

That is it for my Nordstrom haul/ top picks! Leave any comments you have for me on this post and make sure to follow me on Instagram to see how I style these pieces :)

Rachel Noelle

HELLOOOO beautiful people! Today I have decided to write about a topic that is very important to me and that is happiness. My life has been a complete rollercoaster ride of events and emotions while trying to create a life that I love. I have to admit that my social media accounts do a good job at highlighting the high points of my life but as many others, I tend to stay away from social media when my life...well...is not going too well. 

I am a perfectionist at heart. If you are one too then you know how hard it can be to handle situations when life does not go as planned. Throughout the years I have learned that life is all about BALANCE (of the good and the bad). Without the bad, wouldn't life just be boring? We can all learn from our mistakes and the obstacles we face are part of what makes us...US.

With all that being said, I believe that life is a continuous journey and health is part of the journey. We can always be healthier, smarter, more successful and there really is no end. The first step to a happier, healthier lifestyle is accepting that your life is a work in progress. I am trying to better myself every single day and wanted to share what has worked for me in terms of my mental and physical health. 

1. Reach Out- Something that has been extremely hard for me my entire life is initiating conversations and plans. I think that this is mostly me getting inside my own head and thinking that I am annoying someone by texting them. I have had several conversations with friends about how they feel the same way in that there are tons of people with the same nervous instincts. It is OK to feel this way and it is completely normal! It is important to stay connected to at least a couple people per day so that you do not feel disconnected and isolated. Although alone time is good once in awhile, one of my favorite things in life is spending time with my friends and family who always make me happy.

2. Keep Busy- Now that it is the summer time, I have found myself having a lot more downtime which is a blessing and a curse. I'm not one to stay in bed all day watching Netflix (nothing wrong with that though!) because it makes me feel super lazy and unproductive. If you are suffering from summer boredom I recommend getting a job! Working can be daunting for some but I have met some of the nicest, coolest people through my job plus I get a little extra cash to do more fun things throughout the week. Even if you don't want to get a job just yet, take up a new hobby like cooking or painting.

3. Declutter- Haven't worn that dress in a year? Give it away! Go through all of your jewelry, clothes, makeup, and food and declutter because a clean house is a happy house. :)

4. Exercise- I know everyone tells you that running will help you lose weight and you'll get that six pack from lifting weights, but while those are all good things not all of us love working out. My fitness journey has taken a very long time but I've learned that I look my absolute best when I do physical activity that I enjoy. Running for more than 15 minutes is not my thing so now I do HITT cardio which burns more fat and is pretty fun when you have a bumping workout playlist! I try to force myself to stay at the gym for an hour 4-5 days a week trying new exercises. I always look up leg/butt day workouts on Pinterest which changes up my workouts so that they don't become boring. I highly recommend trying out different fitness classes and routines on Pinterest to see what works best for you.

5. Diet- I hate to break it to y'all but if you want to be healthy, you can't have Chick-Fil-A everyday. I've been through the real ringer with my diet from trying fads, to restricting and binging, it has been a process. While I still struggle with my relationship with food from time to time, I have learned to follow the 80/20 rule. This rule states that to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you eat 80% clean and 20% whatever you desire. I have cut out dairy and gluten because of how I feel after I eat those foods. By completing the Whole 30, I have learned that dairy makes me breakout like crazy and now my skin is more clear than ever and gluten is very hard for my body to digest, making me very bloated. Everyone's body is different though which is why I suggest trying the Whole 30 to find out if you have any intolerances and what foods make you the best you. 

6. Drink Water- Thought you got rid of your mom constantly telling you to stay hydrated? Well I'm here to tell you that after all these years, she's right and staying hydrated is one of the most important aspects of being healthy. I try to carry around a Starbucks tumbler everyday that I can re-fill when need be. One tumbler is 24 oz of water so I try to drink about 3 per day. That puts me at 72 oz- right above the recommended amount of water per day which is 64 oz. You can also make drinking water more enjoyable by adding fresh fruits or getting a fun water bottle.

7. Find a Hobby- Wether you like fashion, sports, video games, makeup, photography...THERE IS A HOBBY FOR YOU! It's never to late to try something new that you've always wanted to do. For me, making YouTube videos and writing helpful blog posts is a great de-stresser and it keeps me motivated (aka not lazy binge watching Queer Eye (btw great show, highly recommend)). Besides the point, taking time out of your week to do something you enjoy will for sure make your self-esteem skyrocket!

8. Limit Social Media- Set a time limit for yourself everyday of how much time you will spend on your phone. You will be surprised how much we miss out on by looking at what other people are doing! I find the most effective strategy for having a productive day is to not check my phone until after I have gotten out of bed and worked out. 

Sooooo...these are my top tips on how I stay happy and active everyday. Now everyday is not going to be this perfect but having a general guideline in your head of what will make you a better you is always going to be beneficial. This was a broad outline of generic daily tips but if y'all want me to dive deeper into any of these subjects, please let me know and leave a comment!

Have an amazing week,
Rachel Noelle

One of my favorite activities to do is research upcoming trends to stay on top of the fashion world. The trends I will be sharing with you all are a mix of my predictions and what I have pulled together from runway shows and online articles. I have placed the trends in order of what I believe are the most prominent and important trends to know this upcoming spring/summer season.

Saturated Colors: Think of a box of crayola crayons. Now think about what the colors look like in a typical box. Well, color is going to be huge this season, not just any color though, bright colors like blues, greens, reds, and yellows. In my opinion, the best trendy way to wear bright colors is to pair them together. What I mean by this is wearing red on red or blue on blue, it will really make your look different and make you stand out.

Americana: Who doesn't LOVE to show some American pride? This season it's time to bring out the red/blue and stars/stripes. There are so many fun ways to pair these colors together like wearing a sheer red shirt with a denim skirt. Stars will be found on shorts, shoes, and even earrings but are a great way to add spice to your outfit. Stripes will also be found on pants, blazers, etc to give an outfit some extra flare.

Tassel Earrings: Tassel earrings can be preppy but fear not! These can go with any style this season and add a statement to an outfit. I recommend wearing them with a dainty necklace and jumpsuit.

Mixed Prints: This is one of the coolest trends I saw on the runway this season. I'm talking about mixing florals and polka dots, stripes and stars, but on ONE item of clothing. The pants in the picture below incorporate polka dots and flowers, in a subtle, contemporary way.

Ruffles: Ruffles add a feminine touch to any outfit and look so cute paired with even more ruffles or masculine pieces.

Funky Sunglasses: Sunglasses are always a hot trend to stay on top of! Small shades are this seasons style and especially ones with colored frames and black lenses. 

Denim on Denim: Denim never dies! This season, pair denim jeans with a jean jacket for a fresh, trendy look.

Fanny Packs: It's music festival season! That means lots of fanny packs will be coming out as they are easy to carry around and keep your belongings safe anywhere you go. 

Jumpsuits: Even though the jumpsuit trend started a couple years ago, they have grown rapidly as a closet necessity. They are easy to throw on and can be dressed up with heels for going out or dressed down with some sneakers for a casual look.

Solid-Color Wedges: Wedges that are all one color are the new in sandal style for the summer. Wedges are comfortable and can be paired perfectly with a pair of fun boyfriend jeans or flowy pants for a more beauty look.

These are all of my favorite trends for spring and summer of 2018! Let's rock them together and make sure to check out my latest YouTube video showcasing all of the trends.

xoxo, Rachel Noelle

For those of you who don’t know, I LOVE scouting out new food places. The past two years I have lived in Nashville, I have tried my fair share of trendy, delectable food all around the city. It has come time that I share my top spots with you all from whether it be coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a night out.

  1. The Frothy Monkey: This has to be my all time favorite coffeehouse. It is the perfect place to talk with a friend or get work done. You pay at the front and they bring your food and coffee right to you and the staff is extremely friendly. The shop on 12 South is smaller but full of visitors on the weekends while the new shop on 51st is more spacious.
  2. Edgehill Cafe: If you want the PERFECT fall coffee then this is your place. Their “Always Fall Somewhere” latte will definitely have you coming back for more.
  3. Crema: Situated in downtown, Crema provides the essential getaway if you are feeling overwhelmed by the downtown hustle and bustle. My recommendation for what to get there is the vanilla latte with almond milk!
  4. Barista Parlor: Out of all of the coffeeshops I have been to, Barista Parlor is definitely the most unique. There is one located in the middle of downtown and is a great place to also take pictures.

  1. Rush Bowls: I am an acai bowl fanatic so when Rush Bowls first opened, I knew I needed to try it out. It has quickly become my favorite on-the-go breakfast spot that is quick and affordable. My typical order is the “Beach Bowl” topped with their freshly ground peanut butter- a must-have!
  2. Proper Bagel: This is for my cream cheese lovers! They have a variety of unique cream cheese flavors- my personal favorite is the maple bacon cream cheese.
  3. Milk & Honey- just opened and a new favorite! You can sit down or just pop-in and order one of their delicious pastries.

  1. Caviar & Bananas: I probably go here more than three times a week for lunch! They have a variety of food options from sandwiches to salads. It is very aesthetically pleasing and I pretty much order the same thing every single time and it never disappoints. Order: salad; spinach, chicken, feta cheese, candied pecans, strawberries, and balsamic vinaigrette. 
  2. Taco Mamacita: Located in Edgehill, Taco Mamacita serves some of the best Mexican food around. A favorite of mine is their queso with chips.
  3. Edley’s: Looking for barbecue? Then this is the place! It serves southern style dishes and smokey BBQ.

  1. Burger Republic: If you are looking for an American style dinner with a more casual vibe then I would definitely recommend Burger Republic. It is located in The Gulch and you cannot leave without getting one of their delicious milkshakes. Order: classic burger & a s’mores milkshake.
  2. Double Dogs: If you are a sports fan, then this is your spot. It is very comparable to Buffalo Wild Wings and is always packed on Sundays during football season. Order: a hot dog of course!
  3. Moto: Italian style menu and on the more pricey side. It is a great date night restaurant for dressing up.
  4. Virago: Right next to Moto, it is best known for their Sushi and modern Asian atmosphere.
  5. Little Octopus: Tapas-style meals located right in the Gulch. It has a light & airy atmosphere.
Night Out
  1. Pinewood Social: Bowling & food? Yes please! Pinewood is the perfect gathering spot for friends and family with an unbelievable view of downtown.
  2. LA Jackson: A rooftop bar located on top of the Thompson Hotel. It is great for a night out with the girls.

Have you ever been in a long distance friendship? For me, I feel like my friends are all over the United States. From my hometown being in Wisconsin, then everyone going off to college, moving to Nashville on my own, then meeting all new people at school, I have definitely had my fair share of friends from all over the place. While Belmont is an amazing school, a lot of my friends have transferred due to it not being the right fit for them. My roommate last year (freshman year), Chloe, knew that she could achieve her dreams at a different school so May of 2017 was when we packed our things and left our cute dorm room for the summer.

This past Christmas break I decided to spontaneously make a trip to Tampa, Florida to visit Chloe! We hadn't seen each other for six months and the feeling of getting to see one of your best friends after not seeing them for so long is the best feeling in the world. We had such an amazing weekend so I thought I'd show you guys what I wore, the food I ate, and the what I did there.


sunglasses: amazon | hat: thrifted | t-shirt: topshop | pants: forever 21 | boots: asos 
bodysuit: forever 21 | skort: forever 21 | boots: asos
bare: urban outfitters | sunglasses: thrifted | scarf: urban outfitters | sweater: zaful |  pants: forever 21


Fresh Kitchen
ordered a bowl with a base of sweet potato noodles and quinoa, topped that with steamed broccoli and crispy chicken with holy kale sauce on top (if you happen to end up at a fk get this sauce does not taste like kale and is incredible)

Buddy Brew Coffee Co.
ordered the avocado toast on wheat and a vanilla latte with almond milk

Oxford Exchange
ordered avocado toast (once again I have a problem), french fries- Chloe and I are 5 you'll find out later in this post, and a chai latte


The Ritz Ybor
We saw Slander perform at this venue and he was amazing!! I think Chloe and I peeked this night.

International Plaza and Bay Street
While Chloe worked this day, I roamed around the huge mall in Tampa, proceeded to lose Chloe's car keys, but found them at the Nordstrom e-bar. I also treated myself to some white Adidas Ultra Boosts with my Christmas money!

St. Pete
This just might be the cutest city I've ever been too. There are so many colorful buildings, aesthetic coffee shops, and great photo spots! Some of my outfit pictures were taken here. 

18+ night club in Tampa. DJ played amazing music and was definitely a good place to dance on the weekend!

Another really great area in Tampa with tons to do. We went out here on New Years Eve, had a blast, and ate food here a couple of times too.

Thrift Shopping
Tampa has some incredible thrift stores, I believe the one we went to is just called Thrift Store. I got two belts, a top, and some Adidas sweatpants all for $12 while Chloe got 6 pieces for $17. 

We did not make it to the beach but I just wanted to mention that this is a great thing to do when in Tampa! Clearwater is super close so I would make the drive to enjoy the fresh water, 

Have you been to Florida? Let me know in the comments below where and what you did! I had such a blast spending time with my bestie nye weekend. 

Thanks for reading!
I finally started a blog! So I've been going back and forth for such a long time with what I want to do with my life. I go through "phases" of being into things, such as ballet when I was 6, ping-pong when I was 10 and now blogging as I am soon turning 20. Although, this time is different.

As many of you may or may not know, I started a YouTube channel when I was 16 years old and have now been making videos for about four years. While I plan to continue making videos, posting on Instagram and other social sites, my passion for writing was not being fulfilled. My website still is not where I want it to be but I am going to continue to improve the layout and features!

I am extremely excited to begin this new writing adventure in the year of 2018. I mean, starting a blog is quite the resolution, am I right? With the new year, brings new ideas, thoughts, memories and so much more. Writing for me is so meaningful because I feel like I can share more of my personal life and thoughts when I write them down rather than expressing them through a camera or in person. I also thought a website would be the perfect way to get all of my social accounts in one place. Blog posts will be linked to YouTube videos, you can shop any of my Instagram outfits, explore Pinterest, and keep up with my tweets.

The idea of being able to share my passions of videography, photography, fashion, writing, beauty, travel, and more with all of you makes me want to jump out of my bed (literally, I've been lying in my bed all day immobile, something has to get me moving at this point lol). Anyways, I would like to thank all of YOU for supporting me in this next chapter of my life and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. <3


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